FairCity Auto Clean Offers a Range of valets

Chose a valet that suits your needs from the list below,  then phone Ross on 07804 692202 to make a booking. 

Full Valet  £60*

Wash, towel dry, vacuum (including boot if empty), interior windows cleaned, dash and door panels cleaned, centre console cleaned, door shuts cleaned, tar spots and iron fallout removed, machine polish, wheels deep cleaned and tyres dressed.

Full Valet incl. shampoo Seats £80*

Exterior Valet £35*

Hand Washed and dried, tar spots removed, door shuts and boot shuts cleaned, hand-polished, exterior trim rejuvenated, wheel arches cleaned, wheels deep cleaned and tyres dressed

Mini Valet £25*

Monthly Mini Valet £20*

Wash and wax dry, vacuum excluding boot, interior windows cleaned, deep clean wheels, wheel arches cleaned, door shuts cleaned, wipe dash and door panels, centre console cleaned, tyres dressed.

Wash & Vac £10

Clay Bar £80*

Safe wash, removal of tar and iron from paintwork. Clay bar all paintwork, machine-polished, wheels deep-cleaned and tyres dressed.

Paint Protection £100-£120

Wash, towel dry, removal of tar and iron from paintwork. Clay bar all paintwork and exterior glass, seal paintwork, exterior glass and wheels. Wax paintwork, wheels deep-cleaned and tyres dressed.


  • Infinity Wax Supergloss + wax £10
  • Infinity Wax Diablo wax £10
  • Infinity Wax Primo wax £10
  • Diamond Vision glass sealant:
    • Windscreen only £10
    • All exterior windows £20
  • Ghost wheel sealant £10

Extra Services

  • Machine polishing Prices vary
  • Decal removal Prices vary
  • Removal of pet hair £10-£20

Phone Ross at FairCity Auto Clean on 07804 692202 to discuss these extra services and get a quote. 

* Please note that prices may increase depending on location and condition of the vehicle. New monthly mini-valet charged at £25 for the first month, then £20 each month after.


If you would like to book FairCity Auto Clean to valet your car at your own location, phone Ross today on 07804 692202 or visit the Contact page.  Don’t just pamper yourself, pamper your car as well!

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